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RAW Storytelling Workshops are designed to improve your storytelling skills in your daily life, career or business. Set up as intimate, small group workshops, learn how to make the best out of your life story.


Brand Storytelling workshop

Storytelling for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Ideal for entrepreneurs, small business owners or if you want to grow your hobby into a more influential brand - this workshop will teach you how to infuse your unique story into your brand. Taught by brand consultant and storytelling coach, Enid Nolasco [from Witchcraft Branding and RAW's founder and host], this is an intimate 1-day workshop for only 6 people. 

The first half of the day teaches the essentials of what makes effective brand storytelling and how to apply them to your story. In the afternoon, return to a group coaching session and leave with a solid brand story you'll be proud to share.

*Breakfast and lunch not included in ticket price.


9am - 4:30pm


Fort Lauderdale


*Only 6 spots available.


Looking for customized/individual storytelling or brand coaching? Book 1-on-1 time with RAW Storytelling's founder and host, Enid Nolasco, by visiting her website Witchcraft Branding


What Our Fans Are Saying

Enid totally leveled up my business. Her branding was a game changer. It’s like wearing a new outfit. You look awesome but most importantly you feel awesome, which makes you confident and get better results.

Jason Schneider - Founder of Perception Academy